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Dr. Priyadharshini S.K

Dr. Priyadharshini, enjoys collaborating with organizations that are trying constantly to find ways and means to stay ahead in terms of people. Her greatest passion is developing these people who make the organizations what they are today. She helps organizations and its people to find a healthier perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so that, they can know themselves better and work towards mutual growth and development.

In addition to holding a doctorate in Organizational Behaviour / People Management and being a trained Psychologist, she enjoys teaching, running, reading books and animals.

Dr. Priyadharshini is currently engaged with two start-ups that focuses on the areas that interests her.

1.    She is working on a Pan-India wide training & development program, where their focus is on helping school students & young college goes understand themselves and guide them to a career path of their choice.

2.    A Fitness Technology start-up, where the focus is on building a deeply-personalized holistic fitness ecosystem for Athletes.

She is also associated with the ICFAI Business School where she teaches OB/HR.

You can read more about her here


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