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  • To build a vibrant platform for raising the quality and intent of conversations about business and society in India.  

  • To nurture varied and deeper learning among business leaders, entrepreneurs and students so that Indian businesses become more competitive, innovative and responsible.

  • To promote and support budding writers so that India could make a bigger and deeper contribution to the global intellectual capital.

  • To provide a networking platform for readers and budding authors to meet renowned authors and leaders.

  • To expose graduate students to new ideas and widen and deepen their understanding of what they have learnt.

  • To play a key role in improving the sales of business books in India.

Bizlitfest Logo

The globe of colourful dots in the Bizlitfest logo represents multitude of ideas that enrich conversations. The white background connotes clarity of thought needed to communicate these ideas.

The Genesis

Benedict Paramanand conceived the idea of this fest in September 2015. A team of distinguished authors and editors joined to grow the festival to where it is today.


Dr. V. Raghunathan - Former Director, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto (India Campus). Also, a former Professor at IIM Ahmedabad and former President, ING Vysya Bank, Columnist and Author of bestsellers like 'Games Indians Play', 'Locks Mahabharata & Mathematics', 'Ganesha on the Dashboard' and 'Irrationally Rational: Ten Nobel Laureat: Ten Nobel Laureates Script the Story of Behavioural Economics'.


Shankar P - Writer/editor at Knowledge at Wharton, Former Resident Editor, The Economic Times


Shinie Antony - Columnist with The Economic Times, Co-founder of the Bangalore Literature Festival and author of 'The Orphanage for Words', 'Eden Abandoned', 'Can't : A Novel' and others.


Sangeeth Varghese - Management thinker and author of 'Open Source Leader' and 'Decide to Lead'.

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