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Our Mission

To celebrate and foster the culture of reading, writing and publishing of business literature in India in a relaxed setting.


Build a platform of authors, readers, and the publishing industry for facilitating engaging, deep and transformative conversations.


Nurture varied and deep learning among business leaders, entrepreneurs and students so that Indian businesses become more competitive, innovative and people centric.



Why Bangalore Business Literature Festival?

The Bangalore Business Literature Fest (BBLF) was born of a need for conversations that are focused on business books. In the universe of literature, business literature is, in itself, a very large and dynamic realm. Several hundred books on business, entrepreneurship and management come out in India every year. They are teeming with interesting thoughts, radical ideas, deep questions and breakthrough answers, not to mention riveting stories.


These books make for compelling reading and rich takeaways.


And so, starting 2015, we have dedicated one day every year to celebrate the best of business literature in India. On that day, some of the finest authors, domain experts, thought leaders, start-up founders and corporate honchos have come together in Bangalore to have wonderful conversations and tell compelling stories centred on business and business writing.


At the end of the day, everybody has gone back enriched.


We in the organizing team are immeasurably happy and grateful to have interacted with so many wonderful people from all walks of life over the years. A huge shout-out to all our past speakers, event partners and volunteers. This fest is what it is, because of each one of them.


We have hosted more than 60 authors and 1,000 readers in the last four editions – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Live streaming is helping us take the fest to thousands of people living outside Bangalore. Plans are on to take this festival to other cities.


This year, BBLF turns 8. And gets a new logo. While the globe of colourful dots in the logo stands for ideas that enrich our world, the white background connotes clarity of thought and communication. Crisp, clear and vibrant, we think this logo communicates the essence of the fest very well.

The Genesis

Benedict Paramanand, Author and Editor of, conceived the idea of this fest in September 2015.


A team of distinguished authors and editors have helped curate BBLF:


V. Raghunathan - Director, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto (India Campus). Also former Professor, IIM, Ahmedabad and former President, ING Vysya Bank, Columnist and Author of bestsellers like 'Games Indians Play', 'Locks Mahabharata & Mathematics' and 'Ganesha on the Dashboard'.


Shankar P - Editor at Knowledge @ Wharton, Former Resident Editor, The Economic Times - Mumbai & Bangalore.


Shinie Antony - Columnist with The Economic Times, Co-founder of the Bangalore Literature Festival and author of 'The Orphanage for Words'.


Sangeeth Varghese - Management thinker and author of 'Open Source Leader' and 'Decide to Lead'.  

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