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Aroon Raman

I am an entrepreneur who ran his family transformer insulation materials company - Raman Boards - for a number of years and built it into one of the global leaders in its field before divesting it to ABB Switzerland in 2007. In 2008, I set up Raman FibreScience, a research & innovation company specializing in composite materials. Over the next 6 years, our main focus was the design and development of a novel, high-performance battery separator for enhanced lead-acid batteries in hybrid electric cars and other industrial and automotive applications. The material was the first of its kind in the world, and, with commercial and market success of this product, my company was by acquired in 2014 by Hollingsworth & Vose, USA, a world leader in battery separator and filtration media.

I now advise and mentor NGOs and non-profits to enhance their operational outcomes and also work with select companies on business strategy, market development, and technology.


Technical - Management of technology & innovation, and development of global markets. Specific expertise in wet-laid non-woven composites and technical papers for varied end-applications.

Management - General Management, Operations, Strategy & Entrepreneurship are my areas of interest and expertise. I serve as an Independent Director on the Boards of companies such as Sundaram Finance, Wheels India, TVS Automotive Solutions, Carborundum Universal, Brigade Enterprises and Edutech NTTF.

Writing - I have also written two thrillers: The Shadow Throne and The Treasure of Kafur - both published by Pan Macmillan, both of which are national bestsellers. The third will be published in April 2016.


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