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Suresh Narasimha

A Technology & consumer-focused VC with 15+ yrs of entrepreneurial experience

Specialized in operating special purpose micro funds, creating deep tech solutions & building disruptive business models

Driven by a mission to enable the brightest youngsters to become Entrepreneurs & use Entrepreneurship to fund research & scholarships

Running VC funds integrated with Venturestudios in partnership premium institutes like PESU, SVyasa & a few places.

Built several ventures as a founder that include TELiBrahma, Sensara & monkeypox

Through the fund Cocreate, involved with more than 15 investments that include Justbooks & Bonhomia & Upaghna ventures, involved in transforming several family businesses to transform for the new era.

Has been a Board member of TiE, Retail SIG, Mentor in NEN, MMA, regular speaker in events

Have more than 15 patens from US PTO & several warts around advertising & entrepreneurship

An avid reader & a student of Indian Aesthetics

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