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New Age Literature - Content in all its Forms

Ankur Warikoo, author of Do Epic Shit


Ranjeet Pratap Singh, Co-founder, CEO - Pratilipi


The Westland Saga – From Tatas to Amazon to Pratilipi

Gautam Padmanabhan, Publisher of Bestsellers; Business Head - Pratilipi


Benedict Paramanand, Co-founder - Bangalore Business Literature Festival; Author of CK Prahalad - The Mind of The Futurist

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Mining Real Data – Navigating Convenient Untruths

Rukmini S, Author of Whole Numbers and Half Truths: What Data Can and Cannot Tell Us About Modern India, and Govindraj Ethiraj, Journalist; Founder - IndiaSpend


Debleena Majumdar, Author; Co-founder - Kahaniyah

Govindraj Ethiraj.jpg
Rukmini S.jpg
Debleena Majumdar.jpg

The Shark Tank Tales

Namita Thapar, Author of The Dolphin and the Shark: Lessons in Entrepreneurship


Rupangi Sharma, Author of Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers; Editor; Founder & CEO - EFG Learning: Education for Growth

Namita Thapar.jpg
Rupangi Sharma.jpeg

How to Build a Prosperous India

R N Bhaskar, Author of Game India: Seven Strategic Advantages That Can Steer India to Wealth


Rajashekar Iyer, Expert in Equity Research, Advisory and Investment Management

Rajashekar Iyer Photo.jpg

An Insider's Lens into the Indian Corporate Frauds

Smarak Swain, Author of The Great Indian Fraud: Serious Frauds Which Shook the Economy


Subha Chandrasekaran, Founder - RainKraft Creative Solutions

Smarak Swain.jpg

From High-Fliers to Fallen Angels - Stories of Cafe Coffee Day, Reliance (ADAG), Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines

Nandini Vijayaraghavan, Author of Unfinished Business: Evolving Capitalism in the World's Largest Democracy


Raghuvir Srinivasan, Editor - Business Line; Chartered Accountant

Nandini Vijayaraghavan.jpg

Indian CSR 2.0

Meena Raghunathan, Author of Doing Good – Navigating the CSR Maze


Shantheri Mallaya, Editor - News ETCIO; Trustee - Chiranthana

meena raghunathan.jpg
Shantheri M.jpg

Embracing The Man-Machine Tango

John C Havens, Author of Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines


Kashyap Kompella, CEO - RPA2AI Research

John Havens.jpg

The Future of Money

Eswar Prasad, Author of The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance


Shankar P, Editor - Knowledge at Wharton; Former Resident Editor - The Economic Times


India's Energy Future and the Built Environment

Reshma Singh, Senior Advisor - U.S. Department of Energy


Vijaya Bhargav, Partner - Ostraca

reshma singh.jpg
Vijaya Bhargava.png

Behavioural Economics Decoded for Business

V Raghunathan, Author of Irrationally Rational: Ten Nobel Laureates Script the Story of Behavioural EconomicsGames Indians Play: Why We Are the Way We Are


Divya Kumar, Group Digital CFO - IKEA Retail

V Raghunathan 1.jpg
Divya Kumar.webp

How to be Comfortable with Technology

Siddharth Pai, Author of Techproof Me: The Art of Mastering Ever-Changing Technology, consultant


Madanmohan Rao, Research Director - YourStory

Siddharth Pai.jpg

Social Purpose of Business

Melodena Stephens, Author of Business With Purpose: Advancing Social Enterprise


Aarti Mohan, Co-founder - Sattva Consulting

Melodena Stephens.jpg
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What is the Most Enduring Question of Business Literature

Manish Sabharwal, Chairman - TeamLease Services


V Raghunathan, Chair - Bangalore Business Literature Festival

Manish Sabarwal.jpg
V Raghunathan 1.jpg

Chronicling the Startup Life

TN Hari, Author of From Pony to Unicorn – Scaling a Startup Sustainably; Co-founder - Artha School of Entrepreneurship; Angel Investor


Ganesh Vancheeswaran, Author of The Underage CEOs: Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties; Branding Specialist; Book Coach

TN Hari.jpg
Ganesh Vancheeshwaran 1.jpg

How to Make Business Schools Startup-Friendly

Sudhakar Rao, Director - ICFAI Group


Kashyap Kompella, CEO - RPA2AI Research

Mr. Sudhakar Rao new pic -latest.JPG

Success Secrets of 15 Entrepreneurs

Ujwal Kalra, Author of Startup Compass – How Iconic Entrepreneurs Got it Right


Shoaib Ahmed, Founder - Catalyster; Former President - Tally; Co-founder - iSpirit

Ujwal Kalra.jpg

Investing in Student Startups

Suresh Narasimha, Founder -; CEO - JustBooks


Anaya Jethanandani, Student - Indus International School; Founder - FINWIN


Maanya Singh, StartupYou Student Entrepreneur; Founder - Incuba-Naari

suresh narasimha.jpeg
Anaya Jethanandani - Picture.jpeg

Stories of Resilience During the Pandemic

Rashmi Daga, Founder - FreshMenu


Suviggya Bansall, Owner - Gopaljee Café

Rashmi Daga.webp
Suviggya Bansall.jpg

What Makes Social Startups Tick

Nagaraja Prakasam, Author of the forthcoming book Back To Bharat – In Search of A Sustainable Future; Angel Investor; Mentor; NSRCEL - IIMB


Vinay Prashant, Social Entrepreneur; Co-founder - Tamaala

Naga Prakasam.jpg
vinay tamaala.jpg

2022 BBLF CK Prahalad Best Business Book Award

Launchpad - Book Launches

Ramesh Kumar, Author of Maybe Means "No"
Prithvi Madhukar, Author of Zero to Four Figures
Amit Agarwal, Author of Small is Big

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